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How To Reach Any Goal

Have you ever had a dream or an idea that you were really excited about, but was so big, it stopped you dead in your tracks? Those big, lofty goals are a necessary ingredient to success, yet so many of us let them weigh us down instead of propel us on. The absolute key to attaining any goal, and especially those big, lofty ones, is focus. Take one step at a time, and focus mainly on the present.

But how exactly does one go about focusing mainly on the present? It's true that, at the same time, it's important to know (and, therefore, focus on) your ultimate goal. I equate it like this:

Let's say you're about to hike up a small mountain (a large hill, really). You know where you want to go — to the top of the mountain (your goal and focus) — but you can't see it yet. Still, you know it is there. There is no doubt in your mind that the top exists. Your first focus is on the larger goal of the top of the mountain. So what is the next step?

The next step is to take a step! Your focus instantly comes back to the details — the first step, then the next, and so on. Your eyes scan the path for any obstacles, but you know you can easily overcome them, because your focus is in the present and on the current steps you are taking. Your goal is still there, it's just not the center of your current focus.

Have you ever been so absorbed in what you are doing that time flies by? This is an example of present-moment focus. If you concentrate on the step at hand, you'll very soon find yourself at the end result! You got there, not by concentrating on the goal, not by anguishing over the goal, not by stressing out about it, but by your clear and consistent focus in the present moment.

The paradox of attaining a goal or manifesting a big dream is that you must want your goal so much, AND be willing to let it go. In other words, your focus must not create an unhealthy attachment to the outcome (the ultimate goal). You always know when you are detrimentally attached to your goal or dream, because a negative emotion will be present when you think of your goal (like hopelessness, despair, anger, guilt, blame, angst, anguish, etc.). Any negative emotion linked to a goal is telling you that you must change your perspective and look at it from another angle.

So when you think of a current goal, allow yourself to know that your goal it is possible, and that it is there for you. Then turn your focus on the present moment and the next small step that you could do to get you heading purposefully in the best direction to your goal. Remember, it's simply a chain of many small steps that lead to the top!

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