Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's Your Favorite Way to Relax?

We want to hear from you! Please share your favorite ways to relax in the comment section > Or if you simply have questions about stress relief or what stress does to the body, feel free to ask them here as well!

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Andrew said...

I run a pretty stressful life some of the time managing multiple projects and carving out time for a workout at the gym and time with my kids. One of the best stress relievers that I find works well for me, is to take a short drive to a local open space area. I stop my car, roll down the windows and either listen to music, some brief inspirational piece or just the sounds of nature. After about 90 seconds, I set my heart to relax and then step out of the car and walk into nature. I allow thoughts to come in and then set aside those thoughts that are not appropriate for the walk allowing myself a moment to just enjoy the sounds of nature, my breath and the world around me. I find that the stresses try to creep in and I simply shift them aside in that moment while I find a moment of peace. As I transition back into that which may have caused me stress, I find that I am more able to constructively look at a situation and see in a different way or just without all the stress from previous moments in th eday attached to it.