Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Start Stress Free

There are some great techniques you can perform in the morning that will assure your daily battle against stress will have a positive outcome. The series of stress reduction exercises is best performed and most efficacious before leaving your bedroom in the morning.

Begin with a stress dissolving breathing technique: Sit up tall with your spine and neck straight and perform alternate nostril breathing. Close the left nostril and breathe in the right; close the right and breathe out the left…in the left, close, out the right. Do this 20-30 times. Finish with 5-10 deep and full breaths that fill your belly and your lungs.

Next envision your chakras (chakras are colorful wheels of energy within the subtle body) of which there are seven. Using your imagination you will begin at the first chakra located near the level of the pubic bone. The first chakra is red so see it as a red wheel of light. Moving up the centerline of the body the second chakra is right below the navel and is orange. Above the navel is chakra number three which is yellow. Now move up to the heart chakra which is green. At the throat is the fifth chakra which is light blue. The next chakra is between the eyes and is dark blue. Now move to the crown of the head and the seventh chakra which is violet.

This quick meditation of the chakras helps to create a subtle awareness of the body. You will learn to feel the body from the inside out and in this new awareness can better discern the feelings associated with the body. This awareness is key to learning to mitigate and eradicate stress. As you focus on the body in this manner you may feel areas of stress. As awareness is held so the energy flows. This flowing of awareness and energy is a necessary key to living a stress free life. The flow of energy moves through any blockages and helps to create abundant health.

Stress reduction is about awareness. Become aware of your feelings physically, emotionally and mentally and the energy of your focus will shed new light and realizations of your innate power. Keep up the focus and let your love shine on!

Love long and prosper,

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