Sunday, October 7, 2007

Loving Bad Habits

The best thing that one can do to help change the momentum of a "bad" habit is to find joy within it. If we berate ourselves in the midst of doing a bad habit we inadvertently ask the law of attraction to keep the habitual circumstances coming into our creation.

It is said that we can’t think about what we don’t want to think about without thinking about it. If we give highly charged emotional energy and thought to why a habit is not ideal for us then the law of attraction responds to the high charge of the powerful no that we are proffering and gives us more of what we don’t want.

Fortunately for us, we as powerful co-creators are able through our emotions to choose much more powerfully when we clearly define what we want. For instance: “I don’t want to overeat because I don’t want to be overweight”. In doubt and disbelief are such proclamations made. When we choose to offer our emotions in a deliberate manner, then all action oriented goals are easily within our reach. Mastery of the emotions creates a confidence in the scope of our ability to persist toward healthy goals. In a state of such confidence we will notice that a statement such as the one printed above changes from “I don’t want to be overweight” to a more empowered statement such as: “I will not overeat because I honor the image I hold of my strong and healthy body”. Now we are focusing on an easy and relaxed and easily imagined goal. This type of goal setting is called toward motivation. As we move toward what we truly want and not away from what we don’t we tell the universe to give us our ideal vision.

Because of a regular focus on relaxation and relief in the way we feel a new outlook and confidence arises. Goals become life affirming quests when the emotions are in order and toward motivation is established. Decide to live stress free in emotional bliss and allow the relief of a joyful outlook to pervade your existence. Determine what you want, love where you are and move powerfully toward the ideal you.

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