Monday, June 29, 2009

Walking Your Walk, Trimming Your Tree

If you are like most people who have difficulty following through with your "to-do list" of life then you must read this carefully.

Imagine that by some strange (or not so strange) twist of fate that you are a farmer tending to a farm. On the farm that is like your life subsists a once majestic and beautiful tree that you're wise great, great, great, great grandparents planted on the farm of your ancestry. The regal tree is in the far corner and your mind knows that it is there and it still goes ignored and neglected. Now and again an inexplicable sadness comes over like a cloudy day and your mind asks, "why so glum"...but you don't know that the answer is that majestic tree, that genius tree that calls out for love and is not heard. So your "to-do" list gets done every day and as time goes by you feel something missing from your life.

And the tree sits.

Continuing along a few more years pass and the person you remember yourself as has become slightly edgy and a bit cynical around the edges. And you continue with your to-do list that sees you doing just what is necessary for your perceived survival...and all the while the tree is wilting.

Now a man comes along and you stop running just long enough and the guy seems kinda strange yet somehow important so you find yourself actually slowing and hearing what the man says. The mind begins to jump back and forth from doubt to trust and the man goes on to tell about a memory he has of the time when he could see the tree all the way from the street.

"It always looked so far away yet was right there and when you approached it felt like you were safe and somehow know everything is all right".

He said the whole county came because your ancestors were so kind and wise and oh that tree of theirs. Although he could not see the tree from the street anymore he knows it is still there. And you say "Of course it is still there...I would not cut down such a beautiful thing".

And the man asks, "But why would you save the tree only to neglect it and hide it from sight"?

"The tree was a gift to all the county and now it is hidden just beyond sight. What will it take for you to uncover your gift and let it show for the benefit of the world"?

"For the benefit of yourself and the benefit of the world will you now attend to your beautiful tree?"

"If you want to be the greatest benefit to this world you must be brave enough to take care of that tree." "The rest takes care of itself."

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