Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Next Level of Peace

If you are one of the lucky ones and are able to think and are one of the lucky ones! Let's chat for a moment about the greatest stress reducing techniques known to modern man. These methods of reducing stress are based upon our internal guidance system and are accessed through our feelings.

Consider what causes stress is predominantly the unknown and inability to do all the things we put ourselves to task. If in the course of our day we are guided by thoughts (thoughts generally being like a ship with no rudder) then how can we know if we are going to get to the meeting on time; how can we do all the tasks on the master list of life. Rushing, as our society usually insists upon, is such a cause of tension and stress that thoughts themselves become problematic additions to our days. No matter how much thinking one does to undo said stress it accumulates until a breaking point of exhaustion. At which time such a point of exhaustion is reached we sleep; fortunately for most of us sleep is a bastion of relief, relaxation and allowance of peace of mind. In sleep resistance ceases and all thoughts of this conglomerate of personality reset becoming aligned nightly with our true self.

So very many of us, indeed millions, are caught in this circle of extremes. What we as a society most need to realize is that the peace of alignment achieved in sleep can be carried with us throughout the day through a simple application of intent.

What you must do with your intention is to seek in all moments during the daylight of thought the underlying FEELING predominant in all moments. Feelings are what direct our free will. Though we may never be able to control external circumstances we are always able to control how we feel.

We are trained from the moment we are born to seek the highs of instant gratification in body and mind. Initially the search for how we feel throughout the course of our waking moments may seem like someone shutting off all sound in the middle of New York City. If in that moment someone asked you what you hear you would probably believe you were losing your self. The benefit of the underlying and serene feeling of existence is one of calm, peace and consistency. It takes some new levels of awareness and when you discover the quiet and peace below the din of thought, you soon realize that this is the source of power. This undercurrent of feeling is like the calm before the storm. The calm is the sleep; the calm is your blank canvass; calm feelings are the spring that gives all thought and action a foundation upon which to be born.

It is important to realize where we come from. We come from a current of wellness and peace and always return. Awake each morning as if you are newborn. Sit in gentle silence for a moment and watch the new thoughts of the day beginning while holding gently to the peace of your time in a sleepy vibrational womb.

Remember this sensation as thoughts attempt vainly to pull you this way and that and soon you shall realize that you are the creator of your reality in every moment. Your brain is like a radio station capable of playing many different frequencies at once. It is fruitless to attempt to turn the radio off. It is fruitful to know that you are the DJ and you can play anything you want from your powerful feelings at the center of your being.

Take a few minutes each day with one of our hypnotherapy sessions to remember where you came from the night before. Feel your way to the peace within and know that your journey as a powerful creator of thought and action arises from the peaceful feelings that provide the basis of this life.

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