Monday, July 20, 2009

Focus Away The Stress

The best way to combat daily stress is proactively. With a busy schedule one is more likely to forgo a morning routine such as yoga, breath work or meditation and begin the day ungrounded. Additional oversights like missing breakfast or failure to hydrate in the morning create the worst-case stressful scenario.
All this “oversight of preservation” brings the body to a tipping point where stress overwhelms and few things can now bring us back from the abyss and dread of work.
If you find you are already stressed out of your mind you must learn to meditate, quiet the mind or direct the mind toward thoughts that feel better and allow a moment for your inner guidance to come forth. Utilize these powerful moments for yourself to rejuvenate and maximize joy and energize your passion.
To mitigate the long-term effects stressful moments have upon one’s well-being do yourself a favor now and write down the ways you know how to relieve stress. Your list may include listening to music, taking a walk, drifting off to sleep, holding someone’s hand. The list can be as creative and harmonic as you wish. Now the trick is to have this list handy at all times. Carry it in your pocket, purse or wallet. When the moment of stress comes…at your earliest convenience pull out the list and apply one of your stress-reducing tricks to stave off stress. You will find that simply taking a moment to stop and pull out this list will ultimately have a calming effect. The list is an anchor point of consciousness that is linked with your ideals of harmony and strength and will always help you to begin feeling better.
Your list should be comprehensive and must include stress-reducing techniques both long and short. If you should find yourself stressed and unable to stop running this way and that…you will need some QUICK and POWERFUL techniques to make healthy space among the chaos.
Now if you have nothing but time and want to deepen your awareness of bliss, your list will serve you ever-increasing creative ways to slow down and experience yourself now as a divine being.
However your life is begin now to realize that you have all the tools to achieve the balance, peace and clearness of mind you desire. Realize all the ways you know how to relax and find your center and you will remember your unshakable strength and connection with the divine.

Thank you for being here now,

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